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2020-21 PTA board members:

Co-Presidents: Emily Ryan-Lysova & Giovanna Zamora
Vice-President: Cari McLaughlin
Co-Secretaries: Kristen Johnson & Jennie Haynes
Treasurer: Kristen Morgan

Contact Information:

PTA e-mail



YES, you are needed!! Over the past few years, volunteers have become more and more important. The tasks that can be performed by volunteers are many and varied. Volunteers will be used in the capacity they feel most comfortable. Some of the tasks include: room parents, tutors, health screen helpers and field trip chaperones. To be a volunteer, it is not necessary to have a technical skill – just your time and concern for the students at Renton Park. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the required Washington State Patrol and Volunteer information sheets available in the office. No one is allowed to work with children until the Washington State Patrol Background check process is COMPLETE and processed.  The approved forms are good for 2 years. We look forward to working with you!

Find out about PTA events - or volunteer to help! Contact Renton Park PTA.