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Principal's Message

Ms. Washington

Ms. Washington

“When you go on a road trip, the trip itself becomes part of the story.” ~ Steve Rushin

For me, this school year felt like a road trip of sorts. We started the year preparing for the 10-month journey ahead, both physically with back-to-school shopping trips for new gear and supplies and mentally as we prepared to return in-person with many unknowns remaining. At the ice-cream social we were introduced to our Drivers for the year (Teachers and Support Staff) and travel mates (classmates – old and new) and in the days following we quickly became familiar with the roadmap we’d be following, making adjustments to our pace along the way as needed.

While on the trip we explored and learned a lot: about the world around us and about ourselves. Daily we drove over “speed bumps” during class meetings, slowing down to learn ways to better understand our emotions while showing empathy for others and setting goals for our day. During this time, we also explored our own identity (who we are) which helped in celebrating our uniqueness while also learning about and building relationships with others.

The experiences we shared together this year is a part of OUR shared story. A story of connection and belonging, joy and celebration. Throughout our story you have continued to show up and do your job of learning each and every day. I see you. Meep Meep YOU!


~ Ms. Washington